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Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec and the third most popular destination for immigrants in Canada. What are the reasons for newcomers to settle in Montreal? Some especially unique moments make the life of the majority of the local population comfortable and enjoyable! We have found the following:

  1. Royal Roads UniversityIt has the highest level of education in the country. Montreal is considered to be the Canadian capital of knowledge and the best place in North America for students, according to the newest ranking presented by QS Quacquarelly Symonds. Considering such factors as the condition of the universities, the number of students, safety, feasibility, employment opportunities, Montreal takes sixth place! It holds second place after Boston, in North America, in the number of university students concerning the population of the city. More than 5,000 scientists work here. Besides, all tuition costs can be returned later in the form of tax refunds after filing the tax declaration. This is used by many Canadians to improve their educational and professional level.
  2. Montreal has the lowest crime rate among major cities in the world: 1.9 crimes per 1000 inhabitants. Every resident feels safe here.
  3. There is the lowest level of corruption. Montreal continues to be a notable financial centre, even with Toronto’s prevalent position. Despite it is not a capital city, Montreal is a home for various federal and provincial government services and offices.
  4. Montreal offers a high level of remuneration for skilled workers. The average salary level in Greater Montreal starts from 1,500 CAD in agriculture to 6,000 CAD in pharmaceutics. The most developed segments are biotechnology, pharmaceutics, IT, aerospace, tourism, the film industry, as well as the production of online games. Speaking about industry, it should be noted the huge production of aircraft engines of planes, helicopters and spare parts for them.
  5. There are low expenses for establishing or moving a business from abroad. Start-up Visa program has been created by the government to help foreign entrepreneurs to provide their businesses and apply for permanent resident status. Also, the Montreal authorities plan to facilitate the employment of immigrants by Canadian employers. As a result, a significant reduction in unemployment among newcomers is expected. The City will support Montréal companies to enroll more immigrants with a $1.6 million grant from the provincial government.

It should be noted, that Montreal is a recognized leader among the cities of the world in terms of such parameters as comfortable living. In addition, UNESCO calls Montreal the city of design, and Monocle Magazine calls it “the cultural capital of Canada.” Montreal has many sports arenas, and it hosts the Rogers Cup and Formula 1, gathering tens of thousands of fans annually.

Due to low birth rates, immigration remains to be a significant aspect of the population growth in the Greater Montreal region (including Laval and Longueuil). The constant inflow of immigrants helps Montreal to deal with demographic and social problems. Every year about 45,000 immigrants come to Montreal, making it the fifth-largest in North America concerning the immigration influx after New York, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles.

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