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Here at Path Advisors, we pave the pathway to your success in Canada. Our team of educated experts is here to assist you with all the essentials during immigration. With the support of our licensed and authorized professionals, we’ll help you prepare a successful application to immigrate to Canada. Our services include job preparation, visa application, language skill coaching, soft skill training, as well as path care. We are more than just immigration advisors!

Understanding Our Language Courses

When immigrating to Canada, learning the English language is an essential skill. We recognize it may be challenging to learn, but our experts will make the learning process as simple as possible. Our language courses include preparation for students and training for non-native English speakers. We offer specified language skills for:

    • English learning courses for immigration
    • IELTS language courses
    • CELPIP language courses
    • CAEL language courses
    • CanTEST
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Study English in Canada

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Are you a new student in Canada looking to study the English language? Here at Path Advisors, we want to make studying in Canada a simple transition for you. We offer assistance in multiple immigration language courses to ensure that we adequately prepare you for the world of study. Our trusted advisors administer various programs for education preparation, including a one month program and standardized testing to measure English language proficiency.

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I'm a new student to Canada, how can you help me perform well in school?
Colleges in Canada can be extremely overwhelming, especially for new immigrants. We are your source as trusted advisors to make studying a Canada as simple as possible for you. Our wide selection of language courses in Canada will help you with all the essentials and set you up for success in school.
How can I determine if my English is adequate to meet the requirements for post-secondary?
If you are familiar with some of the English language and believe you may be ready for post-secondary, we can help determine that. Here at Path Advisors, we offer a CanTest, which is designed to determine if your language skills are proficient enough for post-secondary education in Canada.
How can I improve my English oral skills?
Oral English skills can be quite tough to master, and we understand that. We are pleased to offer CELPIP, which is designed to measure speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

At Path Advisors, our team understands that studying English in Canada can be a frightening process for new immigrants. Our team of experts has a great deal of experience in teaching English as a second language. With proven results, we are confident that you’ll be proficient in English in no time. For more details on our services or to schedule a class, contact us today!

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