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International students continue to arrive at Canadian airports as the winter term in Canadian colleges and universities is beginning now. Long lineups of boys and girls who need to get their study permits are seen at all Canadian airports. This will continue until the middle of January as students keep arriving. The biggest groups of newly arriving international students are coming from India and China. Almost half of all international students arrive from these two states. In addition, there are big groups of students from the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Europe.


The international students who have all the paperwork approved may obtain a study permit –the document that authorizes them to study in Canada– right after their jet has landed. However, the students who are missing some documents and who cannot speak proper English may face some problems with the Border Officers. In rare cases, international students can be returned to their home countries if they don’t satisfy the officer.

Why You Can Be Denied Entry to Canada as An International Student?

There are six types of international students that can be denied a study permit. The visa refusal trend is steadily increasing, and it is a discouragement for students who are planning to apply to study in Canada. Most of the students prepare for their student visa application for a year, but then get refused at the border.

The federal immigration officers often flag applicants if they:

  • Cannot Demonstrate a Clear Intent to Study in Canada or Their Financial Situation.
  • Have a History of Visa Refusal.
  • Are Applying to Study in A Program to Obtain a Lower Qualification.
  • Are Mature Students.
  • Have Immigration Tendencies.

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The latter type of applicant is not commonly seen, and Canada often encourages international students to work in the country after graduation. Hence, the policy targeted at international students has always been relaxed. For this reason, Canada also specifically emphasized that if the applicant states that their intent is to immigrate to Canada after graduation, these applicants will not be rejected for demonstrating immigration tendencies.

The applicant only violates immigration law when they arrive in Canada and decide not to enroll in an institution to study. Some of these individuals use study abroad as a front to enter Canada and then will work or stay illegally. Most refused applicants cannot demonstrate a clear study plan, causing federal immigration officers to question their real intent.

Where Can International Students Study in Order to Immigrate?

Study in Canada is a good way to come to Canada and immigrate afterwards. Nevertheless, not all Canadian designated learning institutions are good for this purpose. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) established a Post Graduate Work Permit Program to encourage foreign graduates to stay in Canada and join the labour market.

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Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is a document issued by IRCC to eligible international graduates, which authorizes them to work legally in Canada after completing their studies. To get the PGWP, you must complete an approved post-secondary program at an eligible learning institution in Canada that is participating in the PGWP program. Unfortunately, not all designated learning institutes (DLI) are eligible for a PGWP.

In other words, attending a DLI is sufficient to obtain a study permit, but may not be good enough to obtain a PGWP and stay in Canada. Most publicly funded DLIs are eligible for a PGWP. However, only several private schools will help you to stay in Canada after graduation.

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