Canada’s Immigration Department Has Increased Processing Fees on 30 April 2020

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The Federal government of Canada is trying to do everything possible to make each resident of the country feel comfortable in it. That is why, to partially alleviate the financial burden for immigration from the Canadian taxpayer, Canada’s immigration department has increased processing fees for most economic immigration programs on 30 April 2020.

federal skilled workers - express entry programAccording to the officials of the Immigration Department (IRCC), the government charges processing fees to partially compensate for the cost of providing services to the public. The level of payment for each service is determined according to the cost of its implementation. The fees include processing, operational and service delivery costs related to all economic immigration programs. As permanent residence fees have not increased over the last 18 years, they can not reflect the rise in inflation, and of course, the cost for the service has also changed since 2002!

After an increase of approximately 50%, processing fees are as following:

  • CAD 825 for the permanent residence of an adult applicant (both for the primary applicants and the spouses) instead of 550 CAD
  • CAD 225 for the dependent child, instead of CAD 150
  • CAD 500 for the Right for Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF), instead of CAD 490
  • CAD 1,575 for Federal Start-Up Visa Class instead of CAD 1015
  • CAD 1,575 for Quebec Investor Program instead of CAD 1,015
  • CAD 1,575 for Quebec Entrepreneur Program instead of CAD 1,015
  • CAD 1,575 for Federal Self-Employed Persons Program instead of CAD 1,015
  • CAD 1,575 for Quebec Self-Employed Persons Program instead of CAD 1,015

It is worth noting that this increase will not apply to principal applicants and their families in the Caregivers programs

Next fee increase is expected in 2022, and it will be reviewed every two years, determined by the consumer price index (CPI)

The new fees in the Express Entry

immigration help canadaThe new fees in the Express Entry must be paid until June 2, 2020, in 2 payments when the Express Entry system will be also updated.

  • The first payment will include the difference in the old and the new fee amount to be paid through the ePayment portal.
  • The second payment candidates will pay in their account in the Express Entry

The receipt for the first payment must be uploaded under “Optional Documents: Client Information” in the Express Entry’s list of documents.

Despite the increase, Canada remains the county, where fees are considerably less expensive than countries with similar migration systems, such as the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia

Citizenship fees may be waived

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)It should also be noted that due to the high citizenship application fee of $630, the number of Canadian permanent residents applying for citizenship is decreasing annually. Despite all the benefits of a Canadian passport, only 176,473 people became citizens of the country in 2018, far less than in previous years when the citizenship application fee was only $100. It is now impossible for the Canadian government to cancel the $ 630 fee at once, but Justin Trudeau has promised to gradually reduce the cost over the next four years until the Canadian citizenship application service becomes completely free of charge.

As we can see, in this difficult time when the pandemic of the COVID-19 has swept the world, the Government of Canada is trying to help the public.

If you still have any questions about Canadian immigration processing fees, do not hesitate to contact our team members!


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