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Paresh Amin, Founder Director

“enter as guest, leave as a friend”

Academically, I am a graduate in the Immigration Consultant Program from Academy of Learning College, Mississauga, Canada. Prior to joining the immigration industry, I also own a degree in MBA (USA) & B.Sc. (Chemistry) from India. I have more than three decades of experience in business development, marketing, distribution and sales in Canada & overseas. I am well experienced in managing, planning, implementing business strategy and client relations and intake as well as for the event organization, seminars, etc.

Since last 10 years, more than 1000 clients had pain relief by my treatments. Pains related to Muscles in body any part due to weather condition, slippery, any accident or any repetitive activity. Treating both acute and chronic conditions, alternative medicine treatments are chosen based on the individual patient – their physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, and environmental and lifestyle factors. The goal of Alternative medicine is to develop optimal wellness for each patient, and to teach the principles of ideal health. Instead of treating the symptoms with drugs and surgery, you will need to address the CAUSE of the symptoms with natural therapies. Healing the body from the inside out is the only sure way to rid those symptoms once and for all and restore optimum health.

I am Osteopath and Naturopath. I can provide you alternative therapy treatment. On request insurance receipt available. Active member with RITMA.

Paresh Amin

Prof. Elsy Jacob, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Prof. Elsy Jacob, is a Canadian Citizen, and is licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to offer all types of Immigration Services in Canada. She is a Legal Professional and has worked in Legal and immigration field for over 20 years. She has helped many Families come and settle in Canada.

Professor Elsy Jacob is also a Commissioner of affidavits and oaths in Canada, licensed under the Law Society. She has taught Legal Courses in Canadian Colleges, including Law clerk diploma, CSW, Immigration Consultant Diploma and Paralegal courses for over a decade and hence is a strong advocate of Ethics and Professional Practice and Training.

She has been a support system for new legal professionals and helped them commence their legal practice.

Professor Elsy Jacob also coaches new consultants and makes them understand the value of ethical practice in immigration law. She has helped many Consultants draft Contracts, prepare for various licensing exams and coached them to pass in English Language courses.

Her experience in legal, teaching and immigration services for more than 20 years with many success stories is commendable. Path Advisor Founder, Director is a proud Agent For her and her organization.

Prof. Elsy Jacob

MSW, RCIC & Commissioner


Harpreet Kaur Dhaliwal, Social Service Worker Advisor

I can assist clients in dealing with personal and social problems by delivering counselling, community services and social support programs. SSW responsible for helping individuals, families, and groups of people to cope with problems they’re facing to improve their patients’ lives. I work with children, people with disabilities, and people with serious illnesses and addictions. I am highly skilled in Therapeutic program planning, Individual and group modes of facilitation, Interventions with clients, families and significant others, Service coordination and navigation, Interpersonal communications skills related to working with bereavement and grief, Assessment of client’s needs and strengths

Primary responsibilities:

  • Provide clinical intervention services
  • Assist in the resolution of compassionate situations
  • Consult with and advise leaders on the social circumstances encountered by personnel in their units
  • Investigate and report compassionate situations
  • Deliver preventive and rehabilitative programs in the areas of:
  • Pre- and post-deployment stress
  • Suicide prevention
  • Family violence

I have finished my diploma in gerontology as part of social service worker program from St Claire collage at ace acumen, Toronto. I strongly believe that “enthusiasm does what experience does not “.


Our Mission

To fulfill the dreams of aspirants who want to Immigrate to Canada and settle in a developing country, Canada and helping them in getting a Canadian Citizenship by filling the visa applications and taking through all the procedures.

Immigration Consultation by Experts!

Immigrating to a foreign country is a big decision. Before you invest your time and money in applying for Canada visa, speak to our qualified immigration experts at Path Advisors to gain more insight about the different programs you can apply for. Please visit our office with a prior appointment or leave us an email today.

Path Advisors is a Canadian Company located in GTA, Ontario. We assist and advise clients in preparing a successful application to Immigrate in Canada, with the support of licensed and Authorized Professionals and in accordance with Canadian Laws

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